Narrated by the Angel Gabriel, The Book of Gabriel, The Revelation Stone, tells the story of Amelia Newman, the quiet and unpretentious fifteen-year-old, English girl, who lived in the small London town of Hampton Wick during the summer of 2005.

Her quiet and mundane life suddenly changes as she comes into possession of a Revelation Stone, a diamond of exceptional power. She soon discovers that she must battle the Slemevoids, a group of demons who take possession of the bodies of humans and who do all in their power to destroy her and to get the precious Revelation Stone.

Happily, Amelia discovers one day that she is not alone. With the help of the Zamaterian Clerics, a secret society of guardians, she discovers her true worth and her mission to help save the Earth and the whole human race.

However, being led by Adrian Faust, the Anti-Christ himself, Amelia discovers that the Slemevoids are an unstoppable force of evil and not even the Zamaterian Clerics are an adequate match for them.

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The Book of Gabriel - The Revelation Stone

The Book of Gabriel – The Revelation Stone